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for connecting and synchronizing data across various systems


Univerzálne a jednoduché riešenie

A universal and simple solution

A simple platform for synchronizing and connecting data across various systems and platforms

Prispôsobiteľné a konfigurované na mieru

Adjustable and configurable to your needs

We create an individual solution based on your needs and processes

Prenos dát API to API

Synchronize data API to API

Online synchronization in real-time to increase effectiveness and accelerate processes

Vlastný import a export formát

Custom import and custom export formats

Easily change input and output formats of your system

Prehľadný webový portál

User-friendly web portal

Gain an overview of your connections and synchronize data in your web browser

Automatické škálovaniea jednoduchá prepoužiteľnosť

Automatic scaling and reusability

Synchronize from a few to thousands of data per minute


Softygon is a universal platform for connecting and synchronizing data across multiple systems. Such as invoicing tools, warehousing, ERP systems, accounting systems.

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Čítanie dát z externých API

Read data from external API